Feeding Guides & Recipes

Cat nutritionist created recipes & feeding guides for healthy and natural homemade cat food. Ready for immediate download. (More coming soon).

Cat Feeding Guides & Recipes

Each of my cat feeding guides has been designed to address a specific cat-related health problem. Each of my homemade cat food recipes will enable you to make a healthy homemade meal for your kitty. My cat feeding guides and recipes will enable you to achieve a healthier diet than would ever be possible with commercial cat food.

Cats are fussier than dogs, but there is no reason why your cat cannot cannot enjoy a varied, interesting and healthy fresh food diet.

Remember, commercial cat food is a relatively modern invention. My feeding guides are devised using only natural and healthy ingredients. Each is devised purely to improve a specific cat health condition. And they work!

My feeding guides are designed to improve the health of your cat. The happier your cat, the healthier your cat, the longer he or she will be part of your life. You won’t believe the difference simple dietary changes can make to your feline friend! Gerald Pepin, dip.canine.nutrition.


Felicia – Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide
“My consultation with Gerald was completely transformational for my one year old rough collie Merlin.”

Julie – Kidney Disease
“I just wanted to show you how much my collie’s skin has improved since I changed his diet.”